Due to the huge focus on new digital channels being regarded as offering the best access to market and new customers, many businesses feel the humble leaflet or 'flyer' is a dead. A well designed and correctly distributed flyer can reap huge rewards. Using offers and response mechanisms, such as voucher codes, can be great targeted marketing with a means of measuring your ROI.
Leaflets succeed where social media advertising doesn't, because they directly reach a potential consumer. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush... and you can't scroll on past a leaflet you're holding! A potential client taking a leaflet from you at an exhibition, or picking one up from their favourite store, is more likely to be engaged with it's content. A leaflet also benefits from its tactile nature and has a 'shelf-life' well beyond a social media ad impression. They can also be cost effective, with 5000 leaflets costing as little as one and a half pence.
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